task brief

We set our Arduino enthusiast 'makers' the challenge of using sound, beats or music to represent some aspect of their health or well-being.

Armed with a variety of hardware, software and sensors, plus help from the trusty MadLab facilitators, they had just one day to develop their ideas and turn them into prototypes.

Just to make things even more exciting we identified three prizes...


Most inventive

The one that encouraged people to show their artistic sides. This prize was for the prototype or idea we felt was most creative, beautiful or emotive.


Most inspiring

The one that would be good to take to schools. We want to test out the concept with young people too, so this prize was for the prototype or idea that we felt young people might connect with.


most intriguing

The one that would get people talking about their health data. We work with health data for research purposes, so this prize was for the prototype or idea that might raise questions, stimulate discussion or just help to start a conversation.